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Automotive & Transportation

Since the first Model T rolled off the assembly line in 1908, engineers have been modifying and updating automobiles. From safety advancements and improved efficiencies to the integration of navigational and entertainment elements, modern cars have become quite complex. With every new model, more mechanical components are being replaced by electronic solutions. The modern vehicle is in many ways a computer on wheels.

Whether your manufacturing process includes coating circuitry, sealing wire connectors, encapsulating a sensor, sealing a lighting enclosure, or potting a control module, Novagard’s electronics grade silicones—with their extreme thermal stability, superior stress relief, high dielectric strength, and chemical resistance—allow the design flexibility and protection required to assure long-term reliability in abusive operating conditions of all types.

Silicones reliably seal, bond, coat, gasket, and encapsulate to protect delicate components and modules, such as:

  • Wire connectors
  • High-voltage insulation
  • Sensors
  • Computer control modules
  • Charging systems
  • Terminal box potting
  • Power module protection
  • Wiring enclosures
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