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Telecommunications equipment is buffeted from both sides: outside there’s wind-driven rain, sleet, and snow, while inside, tremendous amounts of heat must be dissipated and redirected. To ensure the long life of telecom equipment components, manufacturers require high quality gasketing and protective materials.

Novagard’s Foam Seal PVC foams are ideal for NEMA enclosures, access panels, air intakes, and door gaskets. With service temperatures of -20˚F to 180˚F, our foams resist fire and UV light, completely seal out weather, dust, and contaminants, and cushion against vibration. Meanwhile, our thermally conductive silicones make up gaps between power generating devices, hot spots, and heat sinking components. Their unique bond angle of molecular structure provides the highest level of flexibility for maximum vibration damping.

Avoid Service Outages

Telecommunications play a vital role in our society. We rely on these devices in both our professional and personal lives. Sometimes it’s a bit frivolous – googling where to find the best hot dog (in Cleveland, that would be the Happy Dog), but other times it can be life altering – calling 911 or  using your GPS to find the nearest ER.

Protect your telecom components from heat, moisture, and other environmental impacts by using Novagard’s Foam Seal PVC foams and high performance Versilube silicone-based greases.

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