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Versilube G644 is a softer, lower viscosity version of the original Novagard thermal compound, G641.

Versilube G644 is a heat transfer compound used in both the electrical and the electronic industries. Characterized by its high thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, and high dissipation factor, G644 is an ideal material for use in thermocouple wells, power diodes, transistors, semiconductors, and ballasts.

  • Temperature range: -40°C to 205°C
  • TC=0.7 W/mK

Both G644 and G641 can be used as direct alternatives to Dow Corning / DuPont Molykote DC340.

  • Made in USA
  • Sulphur Free
  • VOC Compliant
How to Buy
  • Applications
    • low speed/movement
    • high temp operation
    • low temp operation
  • Details

    G644 exhibits excellent long-term storage stability, without the oil separation that is common to other brand names.

    • oxidation resistant
    • water resistant
    • non-polar solvent soluble
  • Packaging and Lead Times
    This product is available in the following formats:
    • 3 ounce tube
    • 1 gallon pail
    • 5 gallon pail
    • 55 gallon drum

    Lead times are:
    • 10 business days
  • Specifications
    • Product Specifications
      Appearance Penetration Bleed Evaporation
      White Paste 290 - 330 2.0% maximum @ 200°C/24 hours 2.0% maximum @ 200°C/24 hours
    • Typical Properties
      Specific Gravity Volume Resistivity Thermal Conductivity Dissipation Factor Dielectric Constant Dielectric Strength
      2.3 minimum 1.5 x 1015 Ω/cm3 0.62 W/mK (** Hot Wire Method) 0.0032 3.81 10 mil gap: 400 v/mil
    • Attributes
      Oxidation Resistant Water Resistant Corrosion Protection Thermal Conductors
    • Applications
      Low Speed/Movement High Temp Operation Low Temp Operation

    Alternative to: DC340

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