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The Electrification of Everything

Silicone coatings offer versatility in the design and assembly of modern electronics. Because silicones adhere to most common substrates and maintain their flexibility over a wide temperature range, they offer superior protection of sensitive components. With a variety of rheologies and cure chemistries available, Novagard silicones provide excellent insulation properties, vibration damping, and barrier protection against weather and other intrusions in electronics applications.

Whatever the variables, silicone’s modifiable characteristics make it the ideal material for the job. By customizing individual properties of our silicones, we ensure that the final product leaving our manufacturing floor matches your exacting standards, processing requirements, and specific use-case.

Market Categories

Silicone Uses

  • Seal, encapsulate, and bond electrical parts
  • Conduct heat away from batteries
  • Sheath, protect, and insulate wiring
  • Protect against moisture and vibration
PCB Render
Conduct heat away from sensitive components
Protect against vibration
Seal, encapsulate, and bond electrical parts
Protect against moisture
Sheath, protect, and insulate wiring
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