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Appliances & HVAC

Household appliances make modern life so much easier. Imagine how different your day would be without the convenience of washers and dryers, microwave ovens, a refrigerator or freezer. These devices hum along in the background of our lives, and rarely do we consider the stress of constant on-and-off cycling that is placed on these machines.

We expect them to be reliable, durable, and in the case of HVAC systems, work regardless of extreme weather conditions. The materials used to manufacture these devices need to cushion against shock and vibration, completely and dependably seal out dust and moisture, and withstand a wide range of operating temperatures.

Novagard’s silicone-based adhesives and greases, and our closed-cell Foam Seal PVC foams, provide the performance characteristics required for this market. And we’ve been delivering industrial solutions for more than four decades, giving you the confidence to turn to our team for proven solutions.

Applications that use Foam Seal PVC Foam:

  • Appliances*
  • HVAC* and HVAC pans
  • Insulator for HVAC plenums
  • Inboard boat motor housing and engine well/room
  • Sound dampening and heat refraction
  • Pipe wrap (insulation)

*We have flame retardant and UL formulations available.



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