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G623 is specifically formulated for use as a water repellant coating to prevent corrosion, especially in critical applications that require good dielectric properties.

Versilube G623 is from our family of general-purpose silicone greases thickened with inorganic fillers for lubrication and insulation, which are resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation. It is similar in many aspects to G624.

  • Made in USA
  • Sulphur Free
  • VOC Compliant
How to Buy
  • Applications
    • chassis lubrication
    • low speed/movement
    • thread protector
    • metal to rubber, rubber to plastic, & metal to plastic lubrications
    • high temp operation
    • low temp operation
    • electrical insulators & connectors
    • telecommunication connectors
    • relays & switches
  • Details

    G623 has a temperature range of -40°C to 205°C, and offers superior corrosion protection to many metal substrates. Proven compatibility with a wide range of plastics and elastomeric materials.

    • oxidation resistant
    • water resistant
    • non-polar solvent soluble
    • dielectric
    • corrosion protection
    • vacuum resistant
  • Packaging and Lead Times
    This product is available in the following formats:
    • 5 ounce tube
    • 1 gallon pail
    • 5 gallon pail

    Lead times are:
    • 10 business days
  • Specifications
    • Product Specifications
      Appearance Penetration Bleed Evaporation
      Translucent Paste 200 - 300 8.0% maximum @ 200°C/24 hours 3.0% maximum @ 200°C/24 hours
    • Typical Properties
      Specific Gravity Dissipation Factor Dielectric Constant
      1.02 – 1.06 0.002 2.7 (@ 1Khz)
    • Attributes
      Oxidation Resistant Water Resistant Non-Polar Solvent Soluble Corrosion Protection Vacuum Resistant
    • Applications
      Chassis Lubrication Low Speed/Movement Thread Protector Metal to Rubber Metal to Plastic Rubber to Plastic High Temp Operation Low Temp Operation Electrical Insulators & Connectors Telecommunication Connectors Relays & Switches
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