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Broadest Viscosity Range in the Industry

Novagard is the market leader in UV/dual cure silicone technology for the protection of electronic devices and component assemblies.

The oxime or alkoxy chemistries of UV/dual cure silicones enable full, deep cures in seconds, often on challenging substrates – eliminating rack-and-stack waiting periods and work in process thanks to a secondary moisture cure of shadow areas inaccessible to UV.

Our comprehensive product range includes:

  • Sprayable formulations, from 700 cPs to 1,500 cPs, are easily applied using standard PCB spray coating equipment
  • Flowable formulations, from 2,000 cPs to 18,000 cPs, are ideal for encapsulation or dam and fill applications, yet still low enough in viscosity to easily flow through vias and under chips
  • Semi-flowable and self-leveling formulations, from 25,000 cPs to 79,000 cPs, are designed for applications that need the higher viscosity for more control when filling small gaps or voids
  • Thixotropic pastes, from 50,000 to 360,000 cPs, dispense like a liquid, yet hold shape like a paste for the ultimate control during the application process

Choosing your Cure Profile

  • UV Cure Silicone – Hardens throughout in less than 5 seconds and is completely cured. Best for:
    • Deep section applications (up to 0.75″)
    • Immediate processing for next stage
    • Immediate packaging
  • UV/Moisture Dual Cure Silicone – Exposed areas cure in 5 seconds for immediate handling, areas shadowed from UV continue curing and developing adhesion with a secondary moisture cure (alkoxy or oxime, depending on product). Best for:
    • Boards with shadow areas
    • Immediate processing for next stage
    • Superior adhesion
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