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800-755 is an incredibly soft, non-corrosive, single-component gel and is an ideal pottant or encapsulant that will also dramatically increase your throughput.

800-755 is an incredibly soft, non-corrosive, single component gel that is an ideal pottant or encapsulant. It will cure in seconds upon exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, forming a soft, flexible, resilient cushion which provides shock relief and protects delicate circuitry and interconnections from thermal and mechanical stresses.

800-755 also isolates circuits from moisture and other contaminants while providing insulation for high voltage electrical currents.

800-755 is a clear pottant/encapsulant, designed to maximize vibration damping. It is a low strength silicone with limited adhesion which reduces strain on delicate components. Upon exposure to UV light, it will cure to a depth of 14mm in a single pass, dramatically increasing manufacturing throughput. With a viscosity of 55,000 cPs, 800-755 flows predictably during application.

  • Made in USA
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