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When you’re in the military, you can be asked to do anything, anywhere in the world, at any time. And you need to be able to trust your electronics will be operational and perform under extremely challenging conditions.

Which is why engineers and technicians trust Novagard silicone adhesives to seal, bond, coat, gasket, and encapsulate critical components. Our silicones are formulated to perform under extremely challenging conditions. They remain flexible and stable under extreme temperatures, maximizing stress relief and protection against vibration, contaminants, chemicals, and UV radiation. If developing the next generation of military equipment calls for a next generation silicone, call on Novagard’s experienced team to work with you to specify, develop, test, and qualify the material you need.

Engineers choose silicones to:

  • Maximize stress relief caused by thermal cycling
  • Protect against shock and vibration
  • Guarantee thermal stability so components perform under harsh conditions
  • Provide high dielectric strength and insulation resistance to prevent short circuits
  • Resist chemicals and UV radiation



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