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800-750TFC is a UV curable silicone paste for use as a coating, pottant, or sealant.

800-750TFC has a secondary, neutral alkoxy moisture cure for enhanced adhesion and shadow cure. This non-corrosive, single component silicone will cure to a solid elastomer in seconds upon exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. With a viscosity of 50,000 cPs, 800-750TFC is formulated with a high thixotropic ratio so it will hold its shape more readily when dispensed than our standard 800-750. 800-750TFC clings easily to components for staking and glob-top applications, but cures to a tougher and more resilient surface than our standard 800-750 for more robust needs.

The next generation of Novagard UV/dual cure silicones cures tack free in a fraction of the time needed for traditional conformal coatings. After the initial UV cure, the secondary, ambient cure enhances adhesion and ensures no unreacted coating remains in shadow areas. Providing a faster, more reliable cure, our 800 series of products is an attractive alternative to solvent-based solutions.

Utilizing our Fast Cure technology, 800-750TFC has a secondary moisture cure that begins in roughly 30 minutes and can develop full adhesion in hours.

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