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A rubber-like solid that will not crack or fall out of joints, NovaFlex Void and Cavity Filler is the best way to reinforce your frame.

NovaFlex Void and Cavity Filler is a non-sagging, non-corrosive, single-component silicone paste that cures upon exposure to atmospheric moisture and remains flexible forever. It is ideal for use as a reinforcing sealant during the window manufacturing process, or to fill voids, gaps, and cavities inside the assembled window frame. It may also be used as a vertical joint sealant and crack filler.

  • Low odor
  • Low reactivity
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Deep section neutral cure
  • Permanently flexible
  • Made in USA
  • Proposition 65
  • Sulphur Free
  • UV Resistant
  • VOC Compliant
  • AAMA
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  • Details

    With NovaFlex Beaded Glazing/Bedding Compound, the beads assure controlled compound thickness between the glass and the sash, maximizing sash performance while minimizing sealant consumption.
    Spacer-beads support the glass and maintain uniform glazing depth during cure for tighter manufacturing tolerances, higher quality, and fewer warranty claims. It also eliminates squeeze out, which provides for easier re-glazing.

    We have standard bead sizes for SBC 30, SBC 40, and SBC 50.

    You can tailor your Beaded Glazing/Bedding Compound with a specific spacer-bead size, and your choice of cure rate, viscosity, green strength, physical properties, and color.

    Meets or exceeds the performance of characteristics of AAMA 802.3 Type II, AAMA 803.3 Type I, and AAMA 805.2 Group C.

  • Packaging
    This product is available in the following formats:
    • 10 ounce cartridge
    • 55 gallon drum
  • Specifications
    • Product Specifications
      Appearance Viscosity Extrusion Rate
      1/8” Orifice @ 50 psi
      Skin Over Time
      3/8” @ 50% RH & 77°F
      Through Cure
      3/8” @ 50% RH & 77°F
      Paste (Various Colors) 5,000 – 15,000 poises (Brookfield #7 @ 10 rpm) 10 – 40 grams/minute 5 – 10 minutes 48 hours (14 days for OEM window applications)
    • Typical Properties
      Slump (Flow) Specific Gravity Tensile Strength
      ASTM D412
      ASTM D412
      Tear Resistance
      ASTM D624
      Shore Hardness
      ASTM D2240
      Service Temperature Application Temperature Adhesion
      ASTM D903
      Peel Strength
      STM C974
      Green Strength
      ASTM C1135
      Joint Sealant Designation
      ASTM C920
      No Slump 1.00 – 1.10 200 – 250 psi 400 – 450% 20 – 25 pli 20 +/- 5 -40°F to 400°F (-40°C to 204°C) -20°F to 160°F(-29°C to 71°C) -- -- -- --
    • Industry Specifications
      AAMA 803.3 (I)
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