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Sarah E. Nash Receives Inaugural Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. Chair of the Year Award

The Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. Chair of the Year Award annually recognizes the Chair of a public company’s Board of Directors that has successfully led the board through significant business or governance challenges. Sarah E. Nash, Novagard’s owner and CEO, was honored with this award for her role as Chair of the board of Bath & Body Works on October 25, 2023.

The award celebrates the legacy of Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. (“Russ”), who has spent more than 50 years advising boards and CEOs on leadership and governance. The role Chairs play in shaping the success and direction of organizations continues to rise in importance. The vision and strategic acumen Chairs provide to guide and inspire boards and management teams is instrumental in driving long-term growth and sustainable success.

“Sarah’s terrific,” commented Russ Reynolds. “She possesses the characteristics of a great leader. She is objective, open to advice, decisive, and a good communicator. She operates with integrity and puts the company and others’ needs ahead of her own.”

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