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Novagard Achieves IPC-CC-830C Certification for Portfolio of UV/Dual Cure Alkoxy Silicones for Electronics Manufacturers

Cleveland, Ohio (June 10, 2021) – Novagard, the market leader in UV/dual cure silicone technology, announces it is the first and only manufacturer with a UV/dual cure alkoxy silicone portfolio of four products certified to IPC-CC-830C, the electronics industry’s conformal coating qualification standard. Novagard UV/dual cure alkoxy silicones are used to protect sensitive electronic devices and component assemblies, which gives them extended design life for reliable performance under the most challenging conditions.

IPC’s Conformal Coating Task Group defines the third-party testing and inspections that confirm performance capabilities under the IPC-CC-830C standard. Four of Novagard’s UV/dual cure alkoxy silicones passed all tests for critical performance properties ranging from flexibility and flammability to thermal shock and hydrolytic stability. Several QC tests, such as viscosity and infrared scans, verified batch-to-batch quality consistency.

The electronics industry certification signifies that design engineers and contract manufacturers can be confident the Novagard coatings in this category are confirmed to resist typical stressors without compromising dielectric insulating performance, according to Jason Clark, Novagard Vice President, Electronics and EV. High-adhesion UV/dual cure alkoxy silicone chemistry was invented by Dr. Barry Goldslager, Novagard Vice President of Research and Development.

“Whether the need is to coat thin section circuit boards and electronic components, or fully encapsulate a component or substrate section, Novagard’s certified portfolio delivers superior adhesion with a UV primary cure, and eliminates the unreacted shadow areas common to electronics assemblies with a secondary alkoxy moisture cure,” said Clark. “IPC’s confirmation of performance properties streamlines the process of specifying the most suitable conformal coating for our electronics manufacturing customers.”

Novagard’s IPC-certified UV/dual cure alkoxy silicone protection is available in three sprayable formulations and one flowable, ranging in viscosity from 700 to 2,000 cPs. To learn more about the family of four UV/dual cure alkoxy silicones certified to IPC-CC-830C, visit novagard.com and search for 800-505, 800-510, 800515, and 800-520.

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Novagard, a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is the market leader in UV/dual cure alkoxy silicone technology for electronic devices and component assemblies. An early pioneer of this technology, Novagard leverages its R&D capabilities to offer the electronics market the broadest line of UV cure/UV dual cure silicones, adhesives, coatings, and thermal management materials, engineered and manufactured to exacting and challenging requirements for performance. For more information, visit novagard.com.


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