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Replace DuPont Molykote 44 with Versilube G351

If you’re looking for an alternative to DuPont Molykote® 44, we have a drop-in replacement.

Versilube G351 is one of Novagard’s lithium soap-thickened greases designed to reduce friction and wear under loads, slow speeds, and variable environmental conditions.

Versilube G351 is  often used in closed systems, such as refrigerators or vacuum cleaners, where trouble-free service for the life of the ball bearing may be expected. It is ideally suited for the bearings of conveyor systems, kiln pre-heater fans, oven fans, and textile dryers. In addition, Versilube G351 is designed to be radiation resistant with excellent long-term aging and work stability characteristics.

Formulated to conform with the specifications outlined in MIL L-15719A, G351 resists oxidation and degradation even under extreme conditions. It is also an ideal lubricant for other applications requiring extended service intervals including water resistant, non-polar solvent soluble, dielectric, corrosion protection, and radiation resistant.

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See how we compare to DuPont Molykote® 44:

DuPont Molykote® 44 Versilube G351
MIL L-15719A
oxidation resistant
water resistant
non-polar solvent soluble
corrosion protection
radiation resistant
metal to metal
ball bearings
light & medium loads
low speed/movement
metal to rubber & metal to plastic lubrications
high temp operation
low temp operation


Made in USAREACHSulphur FreeVOC Compliant

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