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PVC Foams for General Industrial Sealing

Foam Seal Industrial PVC Foams are a cost-effective solution used in a wide range of industries including building and construction, automotive, window manufacturing, and HVAC industries. Our Foam Seal foams cushion against shock and vibration while sealing out light, air, dust, and moisture.

These closed cell, polyvinyl chloride foams are available with or without an adhesive and come in a broad range of densities to fit your application.

Sof-Seal Low Compression: Easy compression with minimal force. Used in pre-fab walls, marine gaskets and seals, copier toner caps, and wherever soft and conformable foam is most necessary.

Low Density: General purpose foam used in applications which require seals to conform to tight radius curves. Often used in construction (air/water seals and moisture barriers), greenhouse spacer gaskets, gaskets for light systems on trailers, building façade technologies, and copier toner caps.

Medium Density: Permits clean die cuts and fastener penetration. Sourced for OTR trailers, HVAC seals, clean room grids and joints, truck cap windows, heat duct clamp gaskets, and holding window muntin bars.

High and Very High Density: Withstands wear and abrasion in “tough duty” applications and cushions against heavier loads in trailer roof bows, tonneau covers, truck bed work boxes, fuel tank cushions in boats, and other applications where stability is required.

Our PVC foams come standard in black, gray, or white, with custom colors available upon request. We will manufacture to your exact specifications.

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Our foams are sulphur free, low VOC, certified Prop 65 compliant, and resistant to UV, petroleum, and cleaning solutions.


Made in USAProposition 65Sulphur FreeUV ResistantVOC Compliant

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