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Understanding Lot Numbers

How to read a Novagard Lot Number

Have you ever wondered how to tell when your Novagard product was manufactured? That information can be found on our packaging, and it’s easy to decipher our secret code.

We use a 2-digit code for the year, month, day, and our batch information. Products manufactured prior to 2021 use a 1-digit code for the year.

8-digit code = YYMMDDBB
7-digit code = YMMDDBB

Lot# 21011407 would indicate that the date of manufacture (DOM) was January 14, 2021.

YY = 21 (2021)
MM = 01 (January)
DD = 14 (14th)
BB = 07 (Novagard’s internal code specific to each batch)

If you saw 0110344 on your packaging, the DOM is November 3, 2020.

Y = 0 (2020)
MM = 11 (November)
DD = 03 (3rd)
BB = 44 (Novagard’s internal code specific to each batch)


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